Canada Online Lottery

Life-changing prizes can be only one ticket away.

When it comes to gambling games, the biggest prizes by far are from lotteries. Since most of them are available to millions of people across different countries, the prizes can get outrageous and easily reach nine figures. Players can now buy tickets online for lotteries taking place in different locations.

The goal of a lottery is to get all the numbers right. Players can choose which numbers they want to have or just get a ticket with randomly selected numbers. When the draw takes place, several numbers are selected at random and if all of them match a ticket, the winner will get the entire jackpot, which can be worth more than $100 million for some lotteries. There are usually five numbers drawn from 75 white balls and another number extracted from a different group of 15 yellow balls. All six must be matched for the top prize but smaller payouts can be granted for only getting some of the numbers right.

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