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Cookies are used by websites in order to help deliver a better user experience. By remembering user preferences and settings, cookies help websites give players a better service, which is why so many sites nowadays use them.

What are Cookies?

Cookies are small text files which are automatically stored on your hard drive when you visit the website. Cookies help websites remember your personal information such and settings you chose, such as the language you want to use the site in, your region, login information and others. Thanks to cookies, you can only select your settings once, and they will remain the same on your next visit.

How are Cookies Used?

The main functions of cookies on our site include helping you login to the site without reentering your login information and delivering content that is relevant for you in terms of language and location.

If you decide to disable cookies, you will still be able to browse the website and use all its functions, but it may diminish the quality of your user experience as a whole. If you disable cookies, some parts of the site may not function as they were intended to.

Our site does not use cookies to gather any other information on you and we guarantee the full protection of your privacy. The only information we will store is the one we described above.

Controlling cookies

You are the absolute master of cookies on all your devices. If you so choose, you may prevent all sites or any specific site from placing cookies on your device. Additionally, you may delete cookies from your device at any time. All of this can be done through your browser’s settings.

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