An instant and secure way to spend cash on the internet.

EntroPay is simply perfect for online payments. The service allows users to avoid having to enter their credit/debit card information on websites while still benefiting from all the perks of using such payment options on the internet.

The way it works is pretty simple as it creates virtual prepaid cards in a matter of seconds. Money can be added to the system directly from the bank account, from credit and debit cards or by using other methods. Virtual prepaid cards are like regular prepaid cards but they can be made online right away rather than have to go to a store to get one. Since EntroPay cards use Visa, they are accepted pretty much everywhere, including of course most online casinos.

The virtual card doesn’t have any personal information one might not want to enter on the internet and it thus eliminates a source of concern right from the start. It can also be used to withdraw funds from the casino to the virtual EntroPay card and then to the account.